Residence Amina, Marrakech

Example Booking: 29,000 eXpectations points, 7-nights, April 2017, 2-Bed, sleeps 6

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Roaming the streets of the Moroccan city of Marrakech arouses the senses from bustling markets & alluring aromas of rich spice to colourful commodities and centuries old architecture tinged red from desert winds.

To explore the captivating city of Marrakech, eXpectations members could have booked 7 nights from 8th-15th April 2017, in a two-bedroom apartment (sleeping 6) at Residence Amina, using only 29,000 points (time of writing October 2016).

Marrakech features within TripAdvisor’s Top 3 Top Destinations in the World and also plays host to the Travellers Choice (2016) Top Landmark in all of Africa. In the old part of the city, the medina quarter, Jemaa el-Fnaa, attracts locals and tourists alike to the 11th Century main square and symbolic souk (marketplace). Here visitors are enticed with an array of food stalls, hand-made leather crafts, acrobats and snake charmers, all wishing to attract a buyer’s eye.

Spring into Marrakech

Visiting Marrakech in Spring is a wonderful time of the year as you can expect to experience long, sunny days with temperatures averaging 18-23 degrees Celsius throughout the day with the night temperature falling to 11 degrees Celsius.

Residence Amina is ideally located to explore the old and new areas of the city. The modern attractions along Avenue de France are a short distance away and ten-minute stroll to the historical Jemaa el-Fnaa. Marrakech Menara airport is approximately 2km away with easy directions to and from the resort and regular public transport.

Residence Amina

Although this charming hotel is located near the city centre it boasts a rooftop bar with stunning views of the snowy Atlas Mountains and overlooks the splendid architecture of the Koutoubia minaret mosque.

balcony residence amina morocco
Relax upon the shaded balcony at the Residence Amina in the heart of Marrakech

The Residence Amina offers classic Moroccan style décor with intricate mosaics, carved ceramic tiles and wooden ornaments, along with colourful potted plants in the entrance and gardens. The friendly staff are always welcoming and accommodating to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Soak up the warm sun whilst relaxing around the large pool or catch up with friends on the free high-speed internet.

Marrakech offers a great variety of restaurants and bars but should you wish to dine before venturing out then enjoy a delicious meal in Residence Amina’s restaurant or take advantage of their room service. Should you simply wish to unwind in the comfort of your apartment then each room provides a kitchenette and refrigerator to prepare a meal of your choice.

Red City – Marrakech

For thousands of years, travellers, visitors and pilgrims scoured the “salmon pink painted” alleyways of Marrakech to listen to storytellers, barter a bargain or simply absorb the unique atmosphere of the “Red City” or “Jewel of Morocco”. Browsing around a labyrinth of cobbled streets the sounds of tradesmen calling out and the distinctive songs of “call for prayer” echo from the mosques, creating an unforgettable memory.

Travellers are invited to discover and experience the history of this marvellous city. The best way to explore Marrakech is to take a guided tour to the most spectacular sights. Over 6,000 TripAdvisor travellers highly recommended visiting the magnificent Ben Youssef Madrasa.

Admire the incredible architecture, multi-coloured mosaic walls and discover the fascinating history behind the 15th Century “Medersa” college run by Ali Ben Youssef between 1448-1458. As you pass the entrance take a glance up at the inscription above the doorway, it reads, ‘You who enter my door, may your highest hopes be exceeded’.

Discover the real Morocco by booking an exciting tour with the “Certificate of Excellence” awarded, “Morocco Active Adventure”. The specialist team offer unique and safe excursions. Try camel or horseback riding to the Zagora desert. On this two-day trip, experience the stunning views as you cross the Atlas Mountains before stopping in small oasis village for some food before heading towards the borders of the Sahara Desert. Overnight, absorb the atmosphere around a campfire as you gaze up towards the almost reachable stars as your guides sing a traditional tune.

Heading back to the cultural life of Marrakech, there is so much to discover and learn about this city as it constantly changes throughout the day and night. At the first light of day the locals rush to prepare the stalls to sell their produce, the sounds from the mosques are heard through the alleyways. As night time approaches the air is filled with mouth-watering smells from a wide range of food stalls and the street entertainers present amazing shows. This unique place will never cease to amaze all visitors with its diversity and changing colours.

*Price Comparison

To highlight the great value of eXpectations Holidays we conducted a price comparison using TripAdvisor to source an equivalent booking. 7-nights at Residence Amina were available on during 8th – 15th April 2017 within a 2-bedroom condo (sleeping 6) for £711 (based on 4 people sharing when we looked on 11/10/2016) and included Resort Fees.

In comparison, we found this 7-night booking at Residence Amina during the same dates within a 2-bedroom apartment (sleeping 6) for just 29,000 points on (when we looked on: 11/10/2016).

For members of eXpectations Plus, the total price for this accommodation (excluding the initial purchase price of your membership / points) would come to £505. To calculate this we have included: the associated maintenance fees for 29,000 points, 1x annual membership, 1x online RCI exchange fee, £25 tourist tax and £35 utility surcharge.

Item Description Cost
Associated maintenance fees for 29,000 points @ £5.75 per thousand £167
1 x eXpectations Annual Membership £162
1 x RCI online exchange Fee £116
Mandatory miscellaneous fees (e.g. tourist tax) £60
Total £505

So, by making this points booking, members of eXpectations Plus could have made a potential saving of over £200, based on the comparison above.

Please Note: Price comparisons of example bookings are conducted at the time of writing which is likely to predate the time of publishing by a few days. Price differences are likely to vary as occupancy dates draw closer and third party prices fluctuate due to seasonal pricing variations, availability, discounts etc. Calculations are made using RCI and eXpectations Holidays prices (in sterling) at time of writing and are subject to change. Some elements of each booking may require fees to be paid in a local currency. For more information please see our article on Value for Money and Price comparisons.
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