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Above: Hermione Way, eXpectations Holidays Correspondent

You’ll always get the best rates for holiday accommodation on a comparison website…

We’ve had it relentlessly drummed into our heads over the past decade, but it’s simply not true.

A relative newcomer to the travel industry, eXpectations Holidays leverage some unique expertise in the world of holiday accommodation along with a savvy new take on an old theory – owning delivers better value than renting.

The end product is a private members club that continuously offers the kind of savings that often sound too good to be true.

Hermione's Latest Tweets From Antigua

eXpectations Vs Reality

To better showcase the fantastic value available to their members, eXpectations Holidays earlier this year teamed up with Hermione Way who will be one of the company’s Holiday Correspondents in 2017. Fresh from her role at Tinder, Hermione is a young, tech-savvy Mum with a love for travel and a keen eye for the unconventional.

antigua beach dickenson bay
Above: Dickenson Bay Beach, Antigua.

In March 2017, Hermione gave eXpectations Holidays a date in May when she was able to take 7 days holiday away from her busy schedule. Providing a few ideas as to the destination, Hermione plumped for 7 nights at the Antigua Village Beach Resort in Dickenson Bay, right next to one of the Island’s fantastic beaches.

Touching-down in Antigua on the 20th May there’s no special treatments, room upgrades or complimentary champagne on arrival. Hermione will experience the exact same booking as eXpectations Holidays members would have if they had booked the same accommodation themselves.

Whilst there Hermione and her young family will be sharing some of the beautiful sights on the Island and give us a sneak peek at her accommodation for the week. To see for yourself follow us on Facebook or Twitter

Price Comparison – £700 Cheaper?

At the time the reservation was made, TripAdvisor was used to source the same resort, unit size and dates. The cheapest price available at the time was with Booking.com which would have cost over £700 more than it could have cost an existing member of eXpectations Holidays. Read the full article here for the entire breakdown. 

To find out how eXpectations Holidays can offer such great value for money here’s a short explainer video.

So What’s The Catch?

To benefit from the savings associated with owning you’ll first have to buy one of our memberships and there are some annual running costs to consider too.

The minimum cost of joining is £2,350 but that’s enough to get around 14 nights of accommodation like the above in Antigua every year. On this basis, if each holiday saved you over £700 you’d only need to take 3 – 4 holidays and the product has paid for itself.

You can save a lot more than this too. Check out these holidays we’ve recently covered. All the savings are calculated comparing accommodation with that found on price comparison sites and factor in all costs to our members in making that reservation (including any associated annual fees, taxes etc).

Destination Approx Saving
Orlando, Florida £2,250
Maldives £1,900
Lisbon, Portugal £1,100

Is It Right For You?

The only other real consideration is how you holiday as this product isn’t for everyone. It works best for couples and families that like to take week or fortnight long breaks in good to high standards of accommodation. If camping, touring or backpacking is your thing or you’re a single traveller then eXpectations won’t suit your needs now.

There are thousands of resorts from which to choose worldwide with chains such as Hilton, Sheraton, Wyndham all having resorts available to book.

Members who enjoy the best value select bookings by looking at the dates they want to holiday and then seeing what’s available (availability is constantly changing). This way they’ll get the widest choice of accommodation available and be able to make the best savings.

How Long Does A Membership Last?

You can keep your membership for as long as 30 years or as little as 3. Its up to you! There’s no additional cost of renewing membership after 3 years and no life-long commitment.

For more information why not give some more of our videos a view? Start finding out more here. 

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