Royal Goan Beach Club, India

13,500 eXpectations Points, 29th March 2014, 1 Bed Sleeps 4

As we enter the 4th week of our virtual jaunt around the world we’re crossing the Arabian Sea to the west coast of India and the wonderfully colourful region of Goa.

A former Portuguese colony, Goa first earned it’s place on the tourist map in the 60’s as a mecca for hippies, a vibe which is still ingrained here today. With fantastic beaches, temples and scenery, Goa is a unique explosion of culture, sights, sounds and smells guaranteed to jolt your senses and provoke flower-wearing behaviour.


Perhaps it was the hippy in me which assumed our accommodation needs for this leg of our journey would be fabulously exceeded for a mere offering of RCI points. However, Goa’s popularity and the time of year means that this is actually our most expensive week so far. What’s more, the late availability in Goa with today’s check in date wasn’t immense and I was almost tempted to use one of three Extra Holidays / Late deals we’re allowing ourselves on the trip for this leg. This would have meant that instead of having to part with any points for this weeks accommodation we could have simply paid approximately £179 to effectively rent a 1 bed timeshare for the week. However, looking ahead I can see that I’m going to need these for the final weeks of the trip.

Having budgeted 10,000 points this week, we were hoping to bag a studio apartment on late availability. Instead we’ve had to stretch this out to 13,500 points to book 7 nights at the Royal Goan Beach Club at MonteRio. Clearly the difference of 3,500 points is unlikely to effect your own holiday decisions, however, to complete this task we really need to be averaging 8,000 points for each week we book.

Royal Goan Beach Club at MonteRio RCI Points Booking
Royal Goan Beach Club at MonteRio Booking

The Resort

Sitting on the banks of the Baga River within easy reach of to some of Goa’s most popular beaches, the resort is an RCI Silver Crown resort and receives respectable feedback online. The resort has two pools, small gym, bar / restaurant and the rooms are furnished to a good standard.

In carrying out our research on the resort we noticed that there are a number of 360° views you can interact with on Google Maps providing you with a virtual rout of the resort and various rooms. The link below will take you to the main pool and reception area and from here you’ll see the numbers 0-6 either in the top left or bottom right hand corner to take you to the different views. The arrows on screen let you walk around the scene taking in different views.

Google Maps Interior View
Google Maps interior 360 degree views of Royal Goan Beach Club at MonteRio

Coming Up

Later in the week we’ll be taking a look at some of the attractions in Goa such as the various beaches and specifically the Dudhsage Falls. I’ve also made several bookings in advance now which we’ll be looking at in more detail.

This Weeks Points: 13,500

Total Points Used: 32,000

Points Remaining: 48,000

Extra Holidays Remaining: 3