Late Deal £196
Check In: 2nd May 2014, 1 Bed Sleeps 4

International Date Line

Phileas Fogg’s crossing of the international date line provided the fantastic twist at the end of his round the world travels. Quite simply, because he had been travelling west he was continuously loosing hours of each day as he travelled through different time zones. However, he forgot to take into account that he would essentially get these hours back when he travelled across the Pacific and this imaginary line.

So, to make sure we don’t get caught out with this and arrive in Vegas too early, our virtual travellers will have waited until 6pm Shanghai Time on Friday 2nd May to fly. Since the flight time is approximately 14 hours this means that according to anyone in Shanghai they would land around 8am on Saturday the 3rd of May. However, because we’re crossing the International date line, the local time our travellers arrive in Vegas would actually be 5pm on Friday the 2nd of May (Vegas is 15 hours behind Shanghai). So, as far as your calendar is concerned we are arriving before we left!

Grand View Las Vegas

After the disorientation of time travel and landing in perhaps one of the craziest cities on earth, our RCI Gold Crown apartment at Grandview Las Vegas is all the more alluring! Situated off the main strip it’s just a short cab ride to the likes of Caesar’s Palace, the fountains of the Belagio and the Flamingo.

With over 1,000 reviews on TripAdvisor the Grandview receives very positive feedback with over 800 visitors rating the resort as either “Excellent” or “Very Good”. The 1 bedroom rooms are spacious and furnished to high standard with the resort having continuously achieved the Gold Crown status since 2002.

£14 pppn

Amazingly, this late deal was available through RCI at the absolute bargain of just £196 for 7 nights back towards the end of March. That works out at just £14 per person, per night based on just 2 people sharing!

RCI’s Late Deals represent unbeatable value for money and this week at Grandview really highlights some of the fantastic offers available to rent additional weeks of timeshare which don’t require you to use any of your annual points allocation.

To compare the value, as I am writing this I can see that if I was booking online today, the same dates would cost me (at the very least) £518 booking through a well known booking portal on the internet. So, that’s a saving of £324 which is made all the more impressive when you consider we booked this up back at the end of March.

Screenshot of booking screen
Above: The booking screen of


This Weeks Points: 0

Total Points Used: 54,250

Points Remaining: 25,750

Extra Holidays Remaining: 1