Online Exclusive: 3 Year Trial Membership

If you’re interested in trying out eXpectations Holidays and the many benefits that are available to our members through RCI, our Trial Membership is a great option. It gives you the chance to try the product over a 3-year period and make sure it’s right for you.

£2,995 for 3 years of quality holiday accommodation

✓ 3-year eXpectations & RCI membership
✓ 50,000 points to use every year
✓ No annual management / maintenance fees
✓ Unlimited access to RCI “Late Deals” & “Extra Holidays”
✓ Membership covers one entire family
✓ Save, borrow and even rent additional points
✓ Guaranteed discount of up to £1,500 when upgrading to our lifetime membership*

No Obligation – Book your next holiday within days!

Complete the form below to receive our trial information pack through the post. We’ll send you everything you need to get going along with the necessary membership forms. There’s absolutely no obligation and no deposit to pay. If you think you’d like to give it a go then you could be booking your next holiday within days.

Receive our 3-Year Trial Information Pack

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*Guaranteed discount: During the trial membership should you decide to upgrade to our lifetime membership — “eXpectations Plus” — within first 12 months a £1,500 discount will be applied subject to a minimum purchase of 50,000 points. This discount would leave just £1,398.50 payable in order to upgrade the trial membership to “eXpectations Plus”. Discounts are offered for the remaining time during the trial period at the rate of £995 if upgrading between 13 – 24 months into the trial and £495 if upgrading during the final 25 – 36 months of the trial.