RCI Fees

Your annual membership to RCI is already included in your eXpectations Membership Fee so the only additional costs you’ll have for RCI is when making a booking.

Using / Exchanging Points

When you use (“exchange”) your points to book accommodation with RCI there is a booking fee. However, regardless of the size of accommodation, time of year, destination or standard of accommodation, using your points to book an exchange holiday with RCI costs £116 for 5-7 nights. For 8 nights or more the cost is £232 provided it is for consecutive nights in the same unit. Bookings of less than 5 nights are £25 per night.

Extra Holidays & Late Deals

If you make use of the great offers available through RCI’s Extra Holidays & Late Deals then you wont pay an exchange fee. You will only pay the price quoted on the offer. Take a look at the various Extra Holidays & Late Deals we have written about in the past to get an idea of the great value on offer and approximate costs.

Guest Certificates

Should you wish to make a booking but will not be holidaying with the party, then a Guest Certificate will be required at a cost of £40.

Saving Points

If you have used some of your annual allocation of points but not all, your points will automatically be saved for use in the following year. However, if you have not used any points from your annual allocation, there is a fee of £29 to carry these points over to the following year.

Extending Points

Any saved points will expire 24 months after they were first allocated. To extend the expiry date of any points that you may have by further 12 months there is a cost of £27 if extending less than 30,000 and £54 is extending more than 30,000 points. We generally find it very rare that members require this service.

Additional Resort Fees

In some instances you will be required to make an additional payment to the resort that you are visiting. Most commonly, this would be a security deposit made via a credit card or local tourism/lodging/environmental taxes (which typically are just a few dollars a day). Some resorts may have a surcharge for certain utilities, cleaning services, maid services and linens, although all of these are clearly highlighted on the RCI website. Where resorts offer all-inclusive supplements, these will also be charged separately and are also clearly highlighted on the RCI website.

Additional Fee Description Cost
Exchange fee for less than 5 nights £25
Exchange fee for 5-7 nights £116
Exchange fee for 8 or more nights £232
Guest Certificate £40
Saving Points (if 0 points used in Use Year) £29
Extending less than 30,000 Points £27
Extending more than 30,000 Points £54
Additional Resort Fees Varies