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Hopefully you can see from our website how keen we are to provide as much information as possible on eXpectations Holidays! It is really important to us that all of our members have a good understanding of how we work, what our products can (and can’t) do and how to get the best value and use from their membership.

If you haven’t already read and watched the videos on our main “Introduction: eXpectations & RCI Points” page then we would recommend taking some time to go through the information.

Here are some of our frequently asked questions, though remember that our team are on hand (Mon–Fri). So, if you have any queries just give us a call us on +44 01202 414 151.

Do I have to visit a different resort each year?
No. You can visit the same resort more than once during your membership. Some resorts do experience very high demand however, and may apply a 1-in-4 rule. Simply put, this allows you to exchange into this resort once every 4 years to be fair to all RCI members.

How do I rent extra points?
Members can “Rent” additional points at the cost of £0.0108 per point (up to a maximum equivalent of 50% of their annual points allocation in any given Use Year). For Example: if you have a membership providing 50,000 points every year, you’ll be able to rent a maximum of 25,000 additional points every year at a cost of just £270. You can rent extra points online or over the phone when making a booking.

Do I have to book flights through RCI?
No. RCI does offer additional travel services; however, certainly with regard to flights, you will undoubtedly find the best value using price comparison services. We would always advise shopping around for flights.

How are individual holiday periods and accommodations assigned a points value?
RCI assigned points values based upon a set criteria of: Location, quality, amenities, unit configuration and time of year.

Who can use my eXpectations membership?
You can invite anyone to join you on an eXpectations holiday, provided that you do not exceed the maximum occupancy of the accommodation at which you have booked. Friends and family can enjoy bookings without you, provided you purchase a Guest Certificate. Guest Certificates can also be used to book friends or family Late Deals and Extra Holidays!

How far in advance can I borrow points?
From up to one year in advance from your next Use Year you are borrowing from.

Can I really book as many Late Deals and Extra Holidays as I want?
Yes! Your eXpectations membership gives you unlimited access to RCI Late Deals and Extra Holidays. These holidays do not require you to use any of your points, with the cost depending on the destination, time of year, and apartment size. Please see our website for real-time examples.

Can I convert/recycle an existing timeshare?
Depending on the timeshare or holiday ownership product already owned, we may be able to convert this into our eXpectations Full Membership. We cannot convert existing third-party products into a 3-year Trial Membership. For more information, please see our page on recycling an existing timeshare.

If I am able to recycle a timeshare into eXpectations points will I still liable for its management fees?
No. If eXpectations add your existing product to the portfolio of properties they will also take over any annual management fees. Any annual fees you pay for your points will be invoiced from eXpectations and at the same rate per point as if you had purchased the points without first owning the original timeshare.

What happens if I have to cancel a reservation?
Your points will be refunded in full if you cancel 90 days or more before the check-in date. Cancellations made between 89 and 46 days before check-in refund 75% of the points, 45–30 days 50%, and 29–1 days 25%. Refunded points will be credited back to your 3-year Trial Membership account with their original expiry date, whilst any transaction fees will not be refunded.

Can I sell / gift / bequeath my membership?
Yes. Full Members of eXpectations Holidays can sell, gift or bequeath their membership onto a third party. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to take advantage of your membership you can also provide 6 months notice to the club and walk away without any further obligations. This is provided you have been a member for a period of 3 years.

However, 3-year Trial Memberships cannot be transferred to another party. 3-year Trial Members can make bookings using their points for other people to then use. All you need to do is purchase a “Guest Certificate” if you are not travelling with the group.

3 Year Trial Memberships

These questions and answers relate to 3-year Trial Memberships only.

Are there any maintenance fees to pay with a 3-year Trial Membership?
No. The total price of our 3-year Trial Membership incorporates any contributions required towards the upkeep of the eXpectations Holidays resort portfolio and the overall running of the club.

What additional fees are there?
There are some additional fees 3-year Trial Members will incur when making a booking with RCI. We would have loved to have included these within the overall price although because 3-year Trial Members are likely to use their points to book very different holidays, these fees are not included.

Will I need to attend any presentation as part of the 3-year Trial Membership?
Absolutely not. None of our members will ever be required to attend any presentation as part of their membership.

Can I have a 3-year Trial Membership of more than 50,000 points?
Yes! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help arrange this. Many of our current members have found renting extra points will suffice.

Can I use my entire 3-year points allocation in one year?
Yes, you can but only in your second year of your membership. You would need to save your first year’s allocation into the second year and also borrow (bring forward) your final year’s allocation in order to use all of your points in one go. However, it is not possible to use all 3 years’ points in your first or final year, as you may only borrow 1 year’s allocation of points at a time.

Do I have to wait until my 3-year Trial Membership ends before upgrading to a Full Membership
No! You can upgrade to a Full Membership at any point within your 3-year Trial Membership. The earlier you upgrade, the greater the amount of Loyalty Rewards you’ll receive with your new Full membership.