What is Full Membership to eXpectations Holidays?

Full Membership to eXpectations Holidays offers a number of additional benefits to our 3-year membership and is also available to trial members who wish to continue their membership after the first 3 years.

For a one-off initial purchase price and a low annual fee, Full members of eXpectations Holidays receive an annually recurring allocation of points. You will own your points for as long as you wish to remain a member of eXpectations Holidays, a minimum 3-year membership applies. These points can then be used like a currency to book holiday accommodation with RCI, the world’s largest holiday exchange organisation, at 1,000’s of affiliated resorts worldwide. As a member of eXpectations Holidays you have the flexibility to book any size of holiday accommodation and at any time of year online or through our team of dedicated advisors (subject to availability).

Value For Money

Full members of eXpectations Holidays are likely to enjoy greater savings than those on a 3-year membership as more savings can be made over a longer period of time. Find out how a Full Membership provides even greater value for money by visiting our dedicated page in the right hand column.

Additional Member Benefits

Full members of eXpectations Holidays also have access to RCI Platinum and its exclusive benefits. With advantages such as free upgrades you could find yourself enjoying superior accommodation if it becomes available between 3 – 14 days prior to check-in!

No life-long commitment

If you no longer wish to remain a member you will need to give eXpectations Holidays 6 months notice when you can then walk away without any further obligation, as long as a minimum 3-year membership has been completed.

Get In Touch

So, if you would like to enjoy the great benefits of Full Membership to eXpectations Holidays, without the need for a life-long commitment, our dedicated team are available Mon – Fri on 01202 414 151. Alternatively, fill in our Contact Form below and one of our advisors will give you a call.

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