3 Ways to Join – Same Great Points!

There are three ways you can become a member of eXpectations Holidays. Whichever option you choose, all members can use their points to book holidays with RCI in the same way. Additionally, all members have unlimited access to RCI’s “Late Deals” and “Extra Holidays”.

The different membership options have been designed to cater for the 3 main groups of potential new members we receive enquiries from. Take a look below to see what option may suit you the best.

Full Membership
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By purchasing our Full Membership you could make some significant savings over a period of time.

Full Members receive an annual allocation of points for as long as they wish to remain a member (a minimum period of 3 years applies). As a Full Member of eXpectations Holidays you can also enjoy access to RCI Platinum, the premier tier of RCI’s exchange programme, with its exclusive benefits, such as priority access and unit upgrades.

As memberships can run indefinitely, Full members of eXpectations Holidays are required to make some annual contributions after the initial purchase. These payments go towards the upkeep, servicing and staffing of the holiday properties within our resort portfolio and the running of eXpectations Holidays Club.

Any annual membership, maintenance and RCI Booking Fees are covered in detail here.

3-Year Trial Membership
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Our 3-year Trial Membership is a great way to try the product and make sure it’s right for you.

3-year Trial Members receive an allocation of 50,000 eXpectations points every year during the 3-year period. Points can still be saved from one year to the next, borrowed from the following year’s allocation and members can also rent additional points if they find they need more. What’s more, 3-year Trial Members still receive unlimited access to RCI’s “Late Deals” and “Extra Holidays”.

All annual membership and management for the entire 3-year period are included within the initial purchase price. The only additional costs depend upon how many holidays you take and where you decide to go.

Recycle A Timeshare
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Existing owners of holiday ownership or timeshare products can apply to have them converted or “recycled” into eXpectations points.

This approach could see eXpectations Holidays become the registered owner of your existing product which may then be added to the portfolio of holiday accommodation managed by us. This is provided your existing product meets our quality criteria.

If successful, in return you will receive a quantity of eXpectations points to own without further responsibility for your original product.

View our recycling page to find out how many expectations points your existing product may be worth or speak with one of our consultants today (+44) 01202 414 151.

Choosing between an eXpectations Full Membership or a 3-year Trial Membership

For potential new members deciding between Full Membership or a 3-year Trial Membership there are a few considerations. One thing to bear in mind is that even though an eXpectations Full Membership can last a lifetime, it doesn’t have to. There’s a minimum membership duration of 3 years although after that time, if for any reason you wish to cease being a member, you simply give notice and walk away without any further obligation whatsoever.

Here’s a summary comparison between the two products.

Comparison Full Membership 3-Year Trial Membership
Length of membership Min 3 Year – Max Ongoing 3 Years
RCI Membership Platinum Standard
Initial cost of 50,000 point membership Call for Current Price Call for Current Price
Annual Membership Fee £162* Included
Annual Maintenance Fee £287.50 (for 50,000 points)* Included

*Annual Membership Fee and Annual Maintenance Fee subject to change. See Annual Maintenance Fees for further information.

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What Next?

Expectations Man in front of FAQ lettersOnce you have taken a look at some of the membership options above you may well find our Frequently Asked Questions page helpful. Here you will find lots of questions members have asked us in the past when considering if eXpectations Holidays is going to be a suitable option for their future family holidays.

Providing answers to approximately 20 questions from the likes of “Do I have to visit a different resort each year?” and “Who can use my eXpectations membership” and specific questions relating to the differences between our Full Membership and 3-year Trial Membership.