3 Year Membership

The total price of our 3-year membership incorporates any contributions required towards the upkeep of the eXpectations Holidays resort portfolio and the overall running of the club for those 3 years.

In that regard, 3-year members have no annual membership or maintenance fees they need to consider. The only fees which they should familiarise themselves with are those required when making a booking through RCI (see below).

eXpectations Full Membership

There’s a lot that goes into running and maintaining resorts to a consistently high standard year-after-year.

To ensure everything runs like clockwork and our members have all the creature comforts they would expect on holiday, there are some ongoing costs to consider.

We put a lot of effort into managing these fees to deliver our members great value holidays. It is important to us that our current and future members fully understand these so please take some time to read through the information below and let us know if you have any questions!

We break down our annual fees for Full Members of eXpectations Holidays into two sections, “eXpectations Membership Fee” and “Maintenance Fee”. Both are invoiced yearly around the first week of November.

eXpectations Membership Fees

The membership fee includes your yearly access to RCI Platinum (worth £138) with the remainder going toward the general administration of the eXpectations Holiday Club.

In 2018 this fee was £162 having risen only £2 in the last 7 years.

Annual Maintenance Fee

This part of the annual fee pays for the collective upkeep of the various accommodations held in the portfolio underpinning all eXpectations points.

We actively manage the portfolio as part of our efforts to deliver our members the best value possible. Specifically we do this by identifying resorts with a high demand vs management fee ratio. That’s to say they are good quality resorts in nice places and are well run.

Successfully managing a resort requires a great deal of expertise and skill with the management company having hundreds of considerations and services it has to acquire. It is not easy, efficiency is key to offering good value but not all resorts succeed in doing so.

In the main, the maintenance fees of the properties in our portfolio cover services such as utilities (electric, water, heating / air conditioning, gas etc), local authority taxes, insurances, licenses etc.

Then there’s the general upkeep of the resorts individual units, communal areas and facilities. For example, the upkeep of swimming pools, general maintenance and the cycle of painting and decorating and replacing items such as bedding, soft furnishings, kitchen equipment, appliances, carpets etc.

However, often the largest cost for a well-run resort will be staffing. There’s a lot more than maids and gardeners! There’s reception staff, security, life-guards and probably a small team of back-office staff playing a major role in the smooth running of operations.

When determining which resorts are eligible to be held within the portfolio we have a preference toward resorts that have stood the test of time, still look great today and have shown to historically keep maintenance fees in check.

Annual Management Fees are payable per 1,000 eXpectations Points owned and over 7 years we’ve only raised this once.

Year Membership Fee Fee Maintenance Fee (per thousand)
2012 £160 £5.25
2013 £160 £5.25
2014 £160 £5.25
2015 £160 £5.25
2016 £162 £5.75
2017 £162 £5.75
2018 £162 £5.75