Your RCI account explained

Your RCI online account explained

Members of eXpectations can check their account summary and points balance online by clicking the “My Account” drop-down on By selecting this members are able to view their annual points total, usage details for the current year, expiry dates for Saved and Extended points, as well as many more great features!

Your account summary may look something like this:

RCI Points Account Screen ShotMember ID: Your unique account number which distinguishes you from other RCI members.

Paid Through Date: The date which your annual membership fees have been paid up to.

Use Year Dates: The start and end dates of the current Use Year. This is a 12-month period which repeats from the start of the month at the same point each year. Please see “What is a Use Year” for further information.

RCI Points saved from 2014 Use Year: The total value of points from the previous Use Year that you either saved or extended into the current years allocation.

Unused Saved Points Will Expire: The final date that you can use any of the previous Use Years saved or extended points before they expire.

Current Use Year: Your current Use Year begins in the year in which it’s dated. For Example: If the Use Year is dated 1st July 2015, your Use Year is 2015, even if it ends 30th June 2016.

2015 Annual Points Allocation: This states your total allocation of points for the current Use Year.

Current Use Year Balance: This declares the points balance for the current Use Year including any saved or extended points. So, if 20,000 points were saved from the previous Use Year and 80,000 were allocated at the beginning of the current Use Year, then 50,000 points were used for an exchange holiday the remaining current Use Year balance would be 50,000.

2016 Use Year Balance: The points balance which is available for the next Use Year. These points can either be borrowed for the current Use Year or used to book travel in the upcoming Use Year.

Registering to use RCI online

The great benefits of an RCI membership are only a couple of clicks away! Simply head to, select “Register Now” and within minutes you’ll have your own username and password enabling you to:

  • View your points total
  • Book holidays with RCI Weeks and RCI Points
  • Save money with online bookings
  • Access a directory of over 4,000 RCI resorts
  • Read reviews other members have left about resorts and leave your own about RCI resorts you have visited
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest benefits and offers for RCI members
  • Find Extra Holidays and Late Deals on
  • See how far your points can go with regular RCI Points Deals updated online.

Something to note: The “Member Help” tab is on-hand if you have any questions regarding your online RCI account and is full of information that can help you solve issues relating to your membership.

Extra Tip: Providing you supply RCI with your email address you will be contacted regularly with an account summary regarding the status of your points and details on any points that is close to their expiry date.

What is a "Use Year"

Your Use Year is a recurring 12-month period which starts when your points are first allocated.

For members on our 3-year the Use Year will start on the 1st day of the month your membership is activated.

For members of eXpectations Plus the use year will always commence on the 1st of January each year.

Please note: Members joining eXpectations Plus during January – August will be provided with their annual allocation of points for that use year. From September onward members can choose to begin their membership that year or in the following Use Year.

How to book a holiday using points with RCI

Booking your holidays: eXpectations members book their holidays through RCI over the phone or by searching the wealth of resorts online at

Once logged in to your RCI account click “RCI Points Holidays” at the top of the page and all your holiday options will be viewable in either map style or list view, whichever you prefer!

You can then refine your initial search results by using the various filters available on the left, or, if you can already see the holiday you want to book, select “Available Units”.

Selecting your dates & unit size: Once you have selected your desired resort, you’ll be provided some additional information and are prompted to select check-in and check-out dates. From here, various accommodation sizes available for those dates and their points reservation totals are shown (subject to availability). Using your points will give you a reservation window of up to 24 months prior to check-in.

Having chosen your desired unit size, you’ll be directed to the simple one-page check out. Here you can borrow additional points if you need to, apply any Member Rewards you have and add Guest Certificates if applicable.

That’s it! Now you can look forward to your next eXpectations holiday!

RCI Guest Certificates

Friends and family of can also enjoy RCI points holidays with an RCI Guest Certificate. Purchased using cash, not points, these Certificates can also be used with Late Deals and Extra Holidays providing even greater value to members!

To add an RCI Guest Certificate when booking a holiday online;

  1. Login to RCI
  2. Select a desired holiday
  3. Proceed to the online checkout
  4. Click “Add Guest Certificate” providing the guest’s details when requested.

Alternatively, members can call RCI and purchase a Guest Certificate seperately.

From just £40 friends and family can take advantage of the great holidays available with an RCI Guest Certificate. Standard transaction fees apply and Certificates are only available with cash.

If you have points about to expire

Option 1: Use your points

Use those points to book a great holiday! Even if a member has points about to expire they can still book holidays up to 24 months prior to check-in.

Option 2: Gift a memorable holiday!

By purchasing an RCI Guest Certificate members can have friends & family enjoy RCI holidays without needing to travel with the group.

Top Tip – A maximum of 4 persons can be added to any account. Members can purchase a holiday for any of these persons without needing to purchase a Guest Certificate.

Points Protection

Points Protection ensures that right up until the check-in time shown of any booking, members needing to cancel a holiday for any reason will be re-credited the entire amount of points used to make that booking. No questions asked.

Members can purchase optional Points Protection when making a reservation or add it up to 30 days after making a booking provided the check-in date is more than 14 days away.

The cost of points protection is determined by the length of stay;

1 – 6 Nights: £19

7 Nights: £29

8+ Nights: £39

To add Points Protection to a reservation, simply include this option when making a booking online or contact the eXpectations reservations team by phone.

Take Note: The standard cancellation policy applies to bookings without Points Protection meaning cancellations made less than 90 days prior to check-in will only be refunded a portion of their points depending upon check-in date. Points Protection does not cover reservation fees and/or Points Partner reservations. It is advised to take out comprehensive travel insurance, for further details, terms and conditions contact RCI Travel.