Value For Money

Buying v Renting

Over time, owning generally beats renting in terms of value for money. However, when it comes to holidays, owning a whole holiday property may be out of reach or an unwanted responsibility for many.

As a club, eXpectations owns a portfolio of accommodation from which members can benefit. In a very over-simplified way, this is how money can be saved when compared with renting holiday accommodation via booking websites and alike. However, there is a bit more to it than just that.

eXpectations uses a great deal of specialist knowledge and expertise when managing the portfolio and has exclusive access to certain inventories. Focusing on specific resorts and peak periods in high demand which deliver the best returns helps to ensure our that members obtain some great value.

The holidays that members take, how they use their points and how many RCI Late Deals or Extra Holidays they enjoy will ultimately determine any savings made.

Full Membership v 3 Year Membership

Full Membership to eXpectations Holidays is likely to provide greater value for money than a 3-year membership as savings can be made over a longer period of time. Therefore, if you are already happy that eXpectations Holidays will meet your needs, you may wish to consider joining as a full member straightaway. However, if you want to try some holidays first and make sure eXpectations Holidays is right for you, the 3-year membership is the way to go.

Price Comparisons

When it comes to comparing the value of eXpectations Holidays against other holiday options we look for the cheapest online deal for the same accommodation without flights using the popular TripAdvisor website which aggregates prices from an array of high profile brands such as Expedia, and We look for the same dates and in the same sized accommodation and will often check with resorts directly to understand how room types may differ. We’ll highlight any obvious differences, such as where breakfast may be included with the comparable option.

To keep things simple, comparisons are always made with our Full Membership. When we run the numbers we’ll summarise all the associated costs of booking the holiday with RCI. The resulting saving provides a figure which you can then use to estimate how many holidays you would need to take before the savings fully offset the initial cost of your membership / points.

For examples using points we will generally incorporate the 12 month membership fee into the comparison whilst with Late Deals & Extra Holidays we will not include this cost since they are considered additional holidays.

It is also worth noting that not all resorts available through RCI are available for occupancy by the general public and so not every holiday example will include a price comparison.

Best Value Examples

To showcase some of the best value holidays we came across in 2016 we’ve summarised our Top 10 each of which showed a saving of over £1,000. Not every holiday will save you this much money! Many holidays will save you hundreds of pounds whilst some will be much more modest. It all depends very much on the quality of resort, time of year, destination, size of accommodation etc you wish to book.