Selling a Timeshare? Why not Recycle?

If you’re an existing timeshare owner considering selling or disposing of a traditional timeshare membership, you may have already found that, depending on what you own, your options can be very limited. However, there is another solution.

eXpectations Holidays has helped hundreds of frustrated owners recycle their timeshare memberships into a product much better suited to their needs which comes with a guaranteed exit route and without the commitment of life-long ownership.

Why should I recycle my timeshare?

  • Low-cost solution
  • Retain all advantages of Exchange Holidays, Extra Holidays and Late Deals
  • Fully Relinquish ownership of your existing timeshare
  • No lifelong commitment
  • Guaranteed Exit Route
  • RCI Platinum
  • Can reduce your annual management fees

How Does Recycling Work?

eXpectations Holidays is a points-based system where instead of owning a particular “week” of timeshare, members own “points” which can then be used with a greater amount of flexibility.

Our points are underpinned by a portfolio of carefully selected timeshares from all around the world. So, if the timeshare you currently own meets certain criteria, it is possible it can be added to the portfolio and converted into eXpectations Holidays points. These can then be used with much more flexibility and, depending on your circumstances, should provide much better value-for-money.

Change In Holiday Needs

Take a family whose children have grown up and no longer holiday with their parents. If the family own a fixed week in the July – August school holiday period it is likely to convert into enough points for the parents to take 2 or 3 holidays a year at the same resort, outside the peak season and in a smaller apartment. So, for owners who still intend on taking  holidays, recycling can create much better value for money.

Can’t Travel Anymore?

For existing owners who are looking to dispose of their timeshare because they can no longer travel, eXpectations can still help. There are many options available, you can have your eXpectations Holidays points transferred from your ownership into a relatives whom can use the points for three years and then decide if they would like to continue the membership or simply walk away having enjoyed some great holidays!

Can Your Timeshare be Recycled?

To ensure eXpectations Holidays delivers great value holidays for our members we are quite selective and so not every timeshare is suitable to be recycled into the eXpectations Holidays portfolio.

There are a number of varying factors we consider such as the season, quality of resort, how the timeshare is run, management fees and how ownership is assigned.

Exit Route

We appreciate circumstances change and so built into eXpectations Holidays’ constitution is a guaranteed exit route for all members.

Quite simply, if after 3 years you no longer wish to be a member you can give 6 months notice and walk away having no further obligation to either eXpectations Holidays or any original timeshare you may have recycled into points.

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