A felxible approach to timeshare

New to eXpectations? We’ve prepared two videos to help explain how we work and demonstrate how to get the most out of our product.

Learn how we’ve created our product to deliver great value for our members and how we recently went round-the-world in 84 days using a membership equivalent to just one week of conventional timeshare.

Discover the freedom of Points

It’s best to think of your points as a currency. You spend exactly the amount you want, when you want, to get precisely the holiday you’d like. It really is that simple!

Book a weeks holiday for your entire family in a 3 bedroom villa in the school holidays, or, take 3 separate week-long holidays outside of peak season.

Holidays are given points values based on season, location, apartment size, resort quality, and demand. So for example, a 2 bedroom apartment has a higher points value than a studio apartment and a holiday in peak season requires more points than in off-peak.


Latest Holiday Ideas